Author: Susen Doebelt

HCI International 2020

From today on until Friday the 24th a NEMoGrid poster decribing the results of the two focus groups conducted in November 2019 is virtually presented on the HCI International 2020. Originally, the conference was planned to held physically at the Bella Sky Hotel in Copenhagen, Denmark. But due to the Corona situation Maria and Susen summarized the results on a 900 x 900 pixel sized image and uploaded it to a virtual poster session. Conference attendees could raise questions via email. The comprehensive results are described in a short paper in the conference proceedings. You cand find further information on our publication site.

New Publication

Last weekend the NEMoGrid partners of SUPSI participated in the Power System Computation conference (PSCC) and held a talk about “Hierarchical Demand Forecasting Benchmark for the Distribution Grid“. You can download the slides of the talk here.

The corresponding paper is listed on our publication site and will be published in the Electric Power System Research journal soon.

Stay at Home – we deliver!

Recently, we submitted our final report and updated our deliverable section online. If you are interested in detailed results of our research project NEMoGrid you can download our public reports here on our publication site. The deliverables are numbered according to our work packages and have a different focus ranging from consumer and prosumer research to prediction models and our implemented solutions at the test sites.



Due to the Corona virus and the lockdown mode in whole Europe, we had to cancel our in person meeting at Lugano. Instead, we stayed at home and met digitally from our desks. We discussed the final tasks for NEMoGrid and the upcoming ERA-Net reporting. Thus, the final sprint of the project has officially started. We wish you all a productive time at home or anywhere else and stay healthy!

Happy 2020

We hope you started well in 2020. As a summary of the latest results from 2019, we uploaded a detailed summary of our focus group results here. Within our focus groups we discussed the Peer-to-Peer scenario with pro- and consumers at two evenings. We asked our participants about their general impression of the scenario as well as their opinion about the usability of the designed platform. Futhermore, we brainstormed on gamification approaches for the Peer-to-Peer scenario. If you have any questions donĀ“t hesitate to contact Maria or Susen from TU Chemnitz.

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