We are looking for study participants …!

… who are already producing energy by their own or consume energy in the “traditional” way.

… give us feedback on energy business models of the future.

… who are interested to support a European research project.

Within our European research project NEMoGrid we want to investigate future scenarios of energy business models. Therefore, we want to take the perspectives of consumers and prosumers into consideration and investigate their acceptance, barriers and motivation to use different energy business models.

That’s why we are looking for study participants, who are willing to be interviewed for one hour. The interview will be conducted in English in May 2018. In preparation of the interview the interviewees will be asked to read about four different descriptions of recent and future energy business models in advance. We will provide you with the material beforehand. During the interview the interviewees will be asked to give feedback about these business models. To compensate the time and effort we will pay a remuneration of 40€.

If you are interested to participate in the study please fill in the pre-questionnaire here.

Thanks for your support.