NEMoGrid testsite wins “ISGAN award of excellence” in grid flexibility

In Sweden NEMoGrid project will perform an onsite test with the businessmodels and technology solutions currently developed in the project. on the 25th of may the testsite was awarded  the “ISGAN award of excellence” by the Swedish minister of energy at the worldwide event “Clean energy ministerial meeting 9” in Malmö.

About the price: The 2018 ISGAN Award of Excellence recognizes exemplars in the field of smart grids with a special focus on “flexibility” that will advance smart grids by improving the flexibility of the grid by balancing supply and demand simultaneously, thereby reducing customer losses from power disruptions.

The site is a rural customer owned electricity grid north of Stockholm in middle of Sweden. The grid peak subscription is 60MW and consists of around 14000 customers. In the grid we have shown that waterbased heatingsystems with heatpumps can create a lot of  end user flexibility in the grid. 250 houses can give over 1MW power over several hours, and the aim for the local project is to combine the flexibility with solarcells and carcharging and batteries. More on the local project

Based on the business model scenarios that NEMoGrid currently are developing we will be able to deploy tests of smart control and peer to peer clearing of energy and power from over 360 heatpumpsystems 10 sites with  total 75kwh of batteries combined with 60 sites of domestic solarcells and 15 carchargers.