LIC feat. NEMoGrid & NEMoGrid feat. LIC

Since May 2019 the NEMoGrid coordinating partner SUPSI is also involved in a new pilot project called “Lugaggia Innovation Community” (LIC). Therefore, the NEMoGrid consortia has the chance to cooperate with this national funded project, supported by the Swiss Federal Office of Energy, the Cantonal Fund for Renewable Energy (FER) and the Authority for Development of Lugano Region (ERSL). Luggagia (a community close to the city of Lugano) provides the opportunity to implement and investigate a self-consumption community. A comprehensive battery will store the locally produced solar power and an algorithm manages demand and supply. The self-consumption community consits of 18 houses equipped with heat pumps and photovoltaic systems. As this is in line with one of our NEMoGrid scenarios, we will collaborate in terms of the field trial conduction. Find more information about the LIC project here.