Our technical development of future energy business models is getting more concrete and closer to implementation. As our project follows a user centered design approach, we want to incorporate user requirements with regard to the interface design. In particular, we want to investigate what kind of information pro- and consumers require within the Peer-to-Peer scenario and what kind of strategies would motivate them.

We want to figure that out by conducting two focus groups. The first one will take place in Sweden. More precisely in Björklinge or Uppsala at the beginning of June. Therefore, we are looking for prosumers – people who are already produce energy e.g., by their own photovoltaic plant. If you like to discuss with other people and contribute to the design of an interface you are very welcome to participate. The focus group will last about two hours and we offer a remuneration of 40€ (430 SEK) for the participation.

Please contact: Maria and/or Susen or from TU Chemnitz – the NEMoGrid user research responsibles.

Online Survey Closed

We closed our online survey yesterday and want to thank all our participants for their patience to give detailed answers on our questions!

We got nearly 200 completed questionnaires and will start to analyse the data now. But first of all we will spin our lottery wheel and draw the winners of  our survey raffle. You will receive an email today if you have been lucky.

A summary of the survey results will be published soon here on our website.


TUC feat. Online Survey

The NEMoGrid project and an invitation to our online survey is featured on the home page of TU Chemnitz today!

As posted before, you are also kindly invited to fill in our questionnaire. We are interested in: How do you prefer to consume and produce energy in the future?

The completition will take you 35min and as an incentive we draw 5 x 20€. Here is the LINK to start our questionnaire.

Imagine 2025!

The new year has recently started and we wish you all the best for 2019!

In our NEMoGrid project we are developing new energy business models not only for the next but also for the more distant future. And we are interested in your opinion on our models!
How do you prefer to consume and produce energy in the future? What do you expect or worry about?

We put an questionnaire online to survey pro- and consumer acceptance of recent and future energy business models in Europe. You are invited to fill in our questionnaire and forward it to other persons. The completition will take you 35min and as an incentive we draw 5 x 20€.

Click the LINK to start the questionnaire.

Present Publications

As a little Christmas present, we extended our Publications section and added first public project deliverables for download. We will keep this category up-to-date, thus detailed project results can be looked up.

Merry Christmas to all of you!