HAPPY Ending Focusgroups

This week, we held two focusgroups in Chemnitz and discussed the Peer-2-Peer scenario with pro- and consumers. We gathered their perspectives on the scenario in general and more specifically we collected feedback on the self-consumption-community user interface provided by HivePower. Furthermore, we specified possible gamification approaches with the help of the 18 invited people. Thanks a lot to those who invested two hours of valuable time in the evening and joined our focusgroups. We are now going to analyse all the answers and provide a short summary here on this website, soon.

Invited Talk @ TH Deggendorf

Yesterday (October the 9th 2019) Maria Kreußlein from TU Chemnitz gave a talk at the Technische Hochschule Deggendorf (THD) in Germany.  Maria was invited to the 4th Expert Symposium – Mobility of the Future to provide insights in the NEMoGrid user research. Her talk focused on the results of the last online survey. You can download the (german) slides here or in our publication section. We want to thank Katrin Juds from THD for her kind invitation and the successful organization of the symposium.

The new deal

Barbara Antonioli Mantegazzini from SUPSI published a paper which “aims to highlight the main key points of a sustainable business model at the basis of a peer-to-peer electricity market based on the blockchain technology, where function, roles and management schemes are clearly defined and accepted and multiple actors’ goal incorporated”. The contribution was presented in Belfast at the EGPA conference. You can find an authors version of Barbaras contribution in our publication section here on the website.

Online Survey Results

At the beginning of this year we conducted a broad online survey to investigate pro- and consumer perspectives on current and future energy business models. Furthermore, we wanted to extend the size of our sample in comparision to our interviews we conducted last year. We are very happy that all in all 178 people agreed to answer our questions. Thanks a lot to thoose who had the patience to answer all of our questions.

You can download short version of our results here.

AHFE 2019

Last week, we have been to Washington D. C. at the Conference of Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics. We presented project results of WP 2. The referring paper to our talk “Imagine 2025: Prosumer and consumer requirements for distributed energy resource systems business models” is published in the conference proceedings. We linked the reference in our publications section.