NEMoGrid Publications

We are happy to announce that last month two NEMoGrid related conference papers have been accepted for publication.

The first article ‘Constrained hierarchical networked optimization for energy markets’ presents a multilevel hierarchical control which can be used to coordinate large groups of prosumers located at different voltage levels of the distribution grid, taking into account grid constraints. The article will be presented at the 8th IEEE PES Innovative Smart Grid Technologies Conference in October.

The second article ‘A rational decentralized generalized Nash equilibrium seeking for energy markets’ has been accepted by the IEEE Smart Energy Systems and Technology conference, and is now a Best Paper Award Nominee!

To provide an overview of scientific publications and press releases we lauched a new page on this website. Have a look on PUBLICATIONS to read more about NEMoGrid results.

NEMoGrid entered Malmö



As announced previously, the NEMoGrid project participated at the ERA-Net Smart Energy Systems Knowledge Community Meeting in Malmö last week. The city surprised us with persistent blue sky and warm temperatures. The meeting took place under the umbrella of the Nordic Clean Energy Week providing several events at different locations in Malmö and Copenhagen. Behind the doors of Öresundsalen 1 the experts of research projects of both ERA-Net Smart Grids Plus calls from 2015 and 2016 met to share project results and develop new research questions for the living documents. Furthermore, the new joint call aiming to fund research ideas improving the design of regional energy system was launched. For more information regarding the new call have a look on the ERA-Net Smart Energy System Website. Thanks a lot to the ERA-Net SES knowledge community management team for the well-organized meeting.

In Sweden NEMoGrid project will perform an onsite test with the businessmodels and technology solutions currently developed in the project. on the 25th of may the testsite was awarded  the “ISGAN award of excellence” by the Swedish minister of energy at the worldwide event “Clean energy ministerial meeting 9” in Malmö.

About the price: The 2018 ISGAN Award of Excellence recognizes exemplars in the field of smart grids with a special focus on “flexibility” that will advance smart grids by improving the flexibility of the grid by balancing supply and demand simultaneously, thereby reducing customer losses from power disruptions.

The site is a rural customer owned electricity grid north of Stockholm in middle of Sweden. The grid peak subscription is 60MW and consists of around 14000 customers. In the grid we have shown that waterbased heatingsystems with heatpumps can create a lot of  end user flexibility in the grid. 250 houses can give over 1MW power over several hours, and the aim for the local project is to combine the flexibility with solarcells and carcharging and batteries. More on the local project

Based on the business model scenarios that NEMoGrid currently are developing we will be able to deploy tests of smart control and peer to peer clearing of energy and power from over 360 heatpumpsystems 10 sites with  total 75kwh of batteries combined with 60 sites of domestic solarcells and 15 carchargers.


We are looking for study participants …!

… who are already producing energy by their own or consume energy in the “traditional” way.

… give us feedback on energy business models of the future.

… who are interested to support a European research project.

Within our European research project NEMoGrid we want to investigate future scenarios of energy business models. Therefore, we want to take the perspectives of consumers and prosumers into consideration and investigate their acceptance, barriers and motivation to use different energy business models.

That’s why we are looking for study participants, who are willing to be interviewed for one hour. The interview will be conducted in English in May 2018. In preparation of the interview the interviewees will be asked to read about four different descriptions of recent and future energy business models in advance. We will provide you with the material beforehand. During the interview the interviewees will be asked to give feedback about these business models. To compensate the time and effort we will pay a remuneration of 40€.

If you are interested to participate in the study please fill in the pre-questionnaire here.

Thanks for your support.